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The Electra 170 Quad recycling bin is an aesthetic recycling station. Designed to collect 4 separate recycling streams, the Electra 170 Quad will encourage users to recycle responsibly.

Manufactured with Armortec®-coated steel framework and Vandalex® material body panels, The Electra 170 Quad offers excellent fire and vandal resistance and has a substantial service life. The Armortec-coated steel frame and bin body panels are 100% recyclable, making the Electra 170 Quad recycling bin an environmentally friendly indoor recycling container.

Ideal for new and modern styled developments such as universities, retail developments, large transport hubs and architectural areas, the Electra 170 Quad recycling bin has a striking design that provides a long service life as corrosion and maintenance is minimal. The bin body panels have an anodised and polished Electra Grey finish, contrasting with the Armortec coated umbra grey steel frame to create an attractive, modern appearance.

The Electra 170 Quad recycling bin is supplied as standard without any graphics. An extensive variety of graphics are available to purchase for this container, allowing you to tailor the look of the recycling bin to suit your requirements.

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