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Furniture decorative panel / glass / for interior fittings / colored
Glashütte Lamberts Waldsassen


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    for interior fittings

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Clear and Coloured Glasses

The Original Lamberts-Glasses are mouth-blown and set a shining example for the successful continuation of time-honoured traditional glassblowing. Brilliance, structure and diversity of the high quality sheet glass can only be achieved through the practice of this way of production. The high quality of these glasses is guaranteed by the technical know-how and craftsmanship Glashütte Lamberts has gathered over the decades.

Characteristic features of the mouth-blown Clear and Coloured Glasses are the distinct, yet unobtrusive surface structure and the bubbles in round or oval shape. When exposed to light the outstanding transparency,brilliance and body of these mouth-blown sheet glasses are displayed.


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