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Blown glass panel / double-glazed / insulating / for doors
RESTORATION Glashütte Lamberts Waldsassen


  • Type:

    blown, double-glazed, insulating

  • Applications:

    for doors

  • Other characteristics:



Restoration-Glasses - Mouth-blown window glass

Original Lamberts-Restoration-Glasses are specially intended for the renovation of old buildings and homes,and the preservation of historic edifices and monuments as well as antique furniture restoration.Until the 1920s almost all window glass was blown.Glashütte Lamberts has retained the production methods of mouth-blown glass in order to guarantee the authenticity of these historically accurate window glasses. Mouth-blown Original Lamberts-Restoration-Glasses therefore part and parcel of any restoration work aimed at meeting the demands of this classical way of glazing. As a matter of fact, the Original Lamberts-Restoration-Glass can also be incorporated into modern insulated window units, thus satisfying the most up-to-date heat and sound protection provisions.


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