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Partition wall glass panel / decorative / enameled / tempered
PICTUREit Glassolutions


  • Applications:

    for partition walls

  • Appearance:

    decorative, enameled

  • Options:



PICTUREit is glass with printing on one side. The printing process uses high- temperature fired enamel. Using this technique, it is possible to print permanent designs, photographs and text onto all types of glass. There are no limits to the
creation of customised designs in colour. Traditional glazed products can now incorporate the high quality printing of logos, signs, images and designs.

Interior use:
- doors;
- partitions;
- balustrades;
- furniture;
- shower cubicles;
- display windows, signs;
- etc.
External uses:
- facades;
- signs;
- bus shelters;
- balustrades


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