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electric hot water tank / wall-mounted / horizontal / residential
GBU 50-200 Gorenje Tiki



  • Power source:


  • Installation:


  • Orientation:


  • Sector:



Volumes: 30, 50, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200 l.
Vertical or horizontal wall mounting (connecting tubes are on the LEFT side).
High - quality thermal insulation.
Indirect air heating element.
Arbitrary water temperature setting up to 75°C.with a rotating knob
Indirect air heating element.
Temperature setting options:
economical temperature
protection against freezing.
Thermometer displaying water temperature inside water heater.
Indicator of electric heating element operation.
Tank made of high quality steel sheet, enamel coated at 850°C.
Magnesium anode for additional anti-corrosion protection of tank.
Large diameter of heating flange (100 mm) allows simple cleaning and maintenance.
Indirect air heating elements reliable operation, simple maintenance
Tubular air heating elements are inserted into the heating flange made of special steel and enamelled against corrosion. Compared to conventional immersion heating elements, the advantages of indirect heating element are as follows:
the heating elements are not in direct contact with water,
the replacement of heating elements is simple as it is not required to empty the water heater before repair,
the heating flange incorporates 2 or more heating elements electrically connected in parallel, assuring a higher reliability of operation (if one heating element fails, the water heater still operates),
the limestone depositing is reduced and removing the limestone deposit is simpler,
the inside surface is completely enamel coated (no blank surfaces, compared to the models with immersion heating elements) therefore Mg anode consumption is reduced and consequently its life span is longer.