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Grace invented self-adhered roofing underlayments more than 35 years ago with the introduction of Grace Ice & Water Shield®. Many signature projects around the world have relied on this high-performing underlayment to protect them from the elements.

Self-adhered roofing underlayments are designed to protect homes from wind-driven rain and ice dams. Grace Ice & Water Shields proprietary and time-tested rubberized asphalt formulation enables a watertight bond with the roof deck. Ice & Water Shield® has shown the ability to maintain a watertight seal around fasteners used to attach roof coverings. In addition, Grace Ice & Water Shield® offers superior watertight laps, which are critically important in keeping the roof dry and safe. Grace Ice & Water Shield® also features the Ripcord® system, split release on demand, allowing for easy detailing of leak prone areas of the roof deck, such as valleys, chimneys and roof to wall transitions.

Grace roofing underlayments can be used in new construction, re-roofing, or on roof repairs. For metal roof protection, choose Grace Ice & Water Shield® HT. It has the same superior performance as the original but specially formulated to meet the service temperature challenges inherent in metal roofing systems, and insulated roofing assemblies.

Ice & Water Shield®, a registered trademark of Grace, is the name that contractors have trusted for over 35 years to protect their reputations and to provide peace of mind against costly call-backs. Get the original and still the best roofing underlayment - Grace Ice & Water Shield®.


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