wall-mounted shower head / round / rain / with chromotherapy



  • Installation:


  • Configuration:


  • Options:

    rain, with chromotherapy, waterfall, with built-in light


Ametis Ring, winner of the Interior Design Best of Year Award in the Bath Fittings category, in December 2014, is certainly an avant-garde project, recognizable by its fluid design and light effect, a representation of the merger between the universe and oceans; almost a futuristic "ode" to high design.

Ametis Ring is a simple but, at the same time, very refined object: the project incorporates many features of high-tech engineering and uses a full-spectrum LED RGB color therapy lighting system with 6 colors. The showerhead main body, completely empty inside, is internally designed so that the rainfall flows in a perfect angle, merging exactly below the center of the ring. Manufactured in steel, for a long life guarantee, Ametis Ring integrates a LED system that gives the object a new dimension thanks to indirect light, a still not widely used concept in bathroom design.

The showerhead has two distinct functions: the user can easily switch from the "rain" effect to the "waterfall" jet. Available in chrome, matte black and matte white (both obtained through a powder coating process).

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