ceiling infrared heater / wall-mounted / electric / commercial



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    ceiling, wall-mounted

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The Heatstrip is an extremely efficient patio heater, which unlike many other such heaters is very economical. It doesn’t need much space either. The Heatstrips are ultra flat, do not give off a red glow and can be used in a wide range of locations.

Casing made of high-grade aluminium
Voltage 230V / 240V(For UK)
Maximum mounting height is 3.00 m.
Recommended mounting height is 2.50 m
Minimum mounting height is 2.10 m for safety reasons, the radiation panel surface reaches a temperature of at least 350° C.
Including adjustable mounting supports suitable for walls and ceilings
Heaters are certified IP55 waterproof. This means that the Heatstrips are 100% rain and weatherproof
Performance: 1500W, 230V / 240V (For UK) , 50Hz, L 924 mm x B 165 mm x D 48 mm
Art.nr. THD1500EU