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It is the recommended solution for stabilizing marble chips and decorative pebbles and get the best results for an economic, firm and long-lasting paving.
Projected to solve the typical problems regarding desplacement of gravel due to vehicular crossing in the parkings or in transit areas.

Main applications
Public and private parkings
Balconies and rooftop gardens
Alleys and cyclepaths
Cemetery areas and avenues
Parks and Gardens
Residential gardens

Technical features
Honeycomb structure with 42 mm cells
Cells height 32 mm
Plaques 0,3 m2 – 0,9 m2 – 2.68 m2 with tissue of 30 g/m2 applied on the bottom side
Plaques’ dimensions 40×80 – 80×120 – 117,6×227,5 cm
Proof compression till 300 t/m2
High quality 100% pure Polypropylene
Grey version in recycled Polypropylene
ISO 9001
16949 Lloyds
Made in the European Community
Please shelter long lasting stockingsfrom UV Rayons


It ensures a 100% draining paving
It’s a completely recyclable product, made with high quality Polypropylene, 100% pure
Suitable to all applications, pedestrians, for light and heavy traffic, motorbikes, bicycles and wheelchair
It’s an economic paving that keeps its colour unchanged during years.
The structure supresses the growth of weeds and holds marble chips or pebbles
It can be easily cut and adapted to all environements
It is unaffected by cold and freezing temperatures
Plaques can be layed on surfaces with inclination up to 17% with no need of implantation
GRAVELFIX structure stops footprints and tyre tranks