protective coating / filling / smoothing / outdoor
FÜLLMASSE graphenstone



  • Function:

    protective, filling, smoothing

  • Location:

    outdoor, indoor

  • Type of support:

    for walls

  • Component:


  • Finish:


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is a natural and organic filler suitable for filling small surface defects and / or smoothing rough surfaces. Thanks to its composition and applied nanotechnology can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, on usual subgrades of plaster, cement, lime and conventional plastic paints.
It is very important in all energy-efficient solution as a protection against water circulation through a construction or building elements, both outdoors and indoors. All holes should be sealed, to avoid thermal or sound bridges and create surfaces where no water can access into the material in case of rain. That is why attention should be focused in critical points of the building structure and which of those require specific treatments.
Excellent characteristics for usual fillers applications and meet the necessary requirements, i.e.: texture, workability, adhesion, hardness, easy application and for sandpaper finishing. Excellent quality and suitable even for people with high sensitivity to allergic reactions.
Main characteristics:
Texture: White Paste.
% Solids: 70%.
Density: 1,50.
PH: 9.
UNE 23727: M1.
Max thickness layer: 1mm.
Consumption: 1,65 - 1,80 Kg/m2.
Color: Transparent..
Drying time: 20-40 min..
Pack: 0,75L.
Contains Graphene.