preserved living frame / foliage / moss / natural
G-CIRCLES by Alain Gilles Green Mood



  • Type:


  • Composition:

    foliage, moss, natural, in lichen

  • Location:


  • Other characteristics:

    modular-panel, acoustic, wall-hung


The G-Circle is a circular panel containing fully preserved natural moss and lichen. It provides high-level acoustic absorbance together with the aesthetic qualities of the natural world. When an office space or commercial environment needs a little softening, these units can provide an attractive green feature that helps reduce stress and promotes wellbeing.

The panel is attached to a metal framework which creates a 3-dimensional element and allows for lighting to be placed behind the unit. This means different sized units can also be placed under or over one another, for added decorative effect. The units are available in three different sizes and come with a variety of moss types, colors, and arrangements.

Dimensions :
Large — . 110,5 cm, depth 26 cm (. 43.5 “, depth 10.2 “)
Medium — . 90,5 cm, depth 20 cm (. 35.6 “, depth 9.9 “)
Small — . 70,5 cm, depth 15 cm (. 27.8 “, depth 5.9 “)
Aluminium, Preserved plants, Cork