preserved living frame / moss / foliage / in lichen
G-SCREENS by Alain Gilles Green Mood



  • Type:


  • Composition:

    moss, foliage, in lichen

  • Location:


  • Other characteristics:

    free-standing, acoustic


The G-Screen is a circular moss-covered panel attached to a free-standing metal framework. It can be placed just about anywhere and can even be fixed to a ceiling. The round panels are similar, although larger, to the G-Circles except the frame allows for the unit to be situated away from walls and to act as a functional and attractive border or accent feature in a large space. The panel comes with our standard variety of moss options and colors.

These screen units can fit into any commercial space where high-level acoustic absorbance and natural aesthetics are required such as offices, halls, waiting rooms, and reception areas. The curved framework and panel provide a nice contrast to the often straight lines and sharp edges of a typical corporate environment.

Dimensions :
Base — 57 x 140 cm (22.4 “ x 55.1 “)
Screen — . 140 cm (55.1 “)
Height — 160 cm or 180 cm (63 “ or 70.9 “)