roller shutter / aluminum / window / door



  • Type:


  • Material:


  • Product applications:

    window, door, for facades

  • Other characteristics:

    electric, custom, with screen, thermally-insulated, with integrated Venetian blinds


The Griesser Panorama is a rolling shutter with a swivel blade that allows you to enjoy the following benefits
comfort of a sunshade and the safety of a roller shutter.
Closed Panorama provides total darkness and protection
Opened, it allows you to take advantage of the outside luminosity and a flow of light.
of natural air.

The Combi version allows you to have a part of the deck in a blade.
swivel and keep the rest as a fixed blade.
The height of the Combi corresponds to 60 cm. For other dimensions, please contact us.

On the basis of Panorama, and Panorama Combi, you can enjoy the following benefits
an apron with a black integrated mosquito net.

The Panorama is available in Tradi PUR, Renobloc and Reno Integro from Griesser.