cover decorative panel / wooden / MDF / melamine
LINEAR PLANK Gustafs Scandinavia AB



  • Function:


  • Material:

    wooden, MDF, melamine, laminate

  • Applications:

    wall-mounted, for false ceilings, for partition walls

  • Technical characteristics:

    fireproof, backlit, fire-retardant, absorption

  • Finish:

    high-gloss, colored, veneered, lacquered, stained, oiled

  • Appearance:

    wood look

  • Other characteristics:

    acoustic, custom, easy to install, flexible, high-density, curved, made from recycled materials, energy-efficient, low CO2 emissions, VOC-free, FSC-certified

  • Market:



Gustafs Linear Planks lets you combine a beautiful linear design with the best possible fire rating. Using the famous Gustafs Capax installation system a perfect end result will be guaranteed as well as the option to fully integrate the Planks with Gustafs Panels and Ribs. Every Plank comes with one unique and full crown veneer flitch for the most exclusive experience