interior acoustic panel / for ceilings / for panels / for partition walls



  • Applications:

    for interior, for ceilings, for panels, for partition walls, for walls

  • Material:

    wooden, laminate

  • Other characteristics:

    decorative, perforated, fire-retardant, fire-rated, Class A2, metal look, custom, high-gloss

  • Market:

    for offices, for public buildings, for hospitals



Our panels are based on a fibre gypsum board which has excellent properties regarding dimension stability, impact resistance, fire safety and acoustics, demands which effectively eliminate most traditional wood-based choices. Gustafs panels are not sensitive to changes in
temperature and humidity which in turn maintains the panels’ linearity and flatness over time. Altogether, this unique combination results in a panel suited for large areas and a wide variety of demanding situations.


The Gustafs Stripe perforation shows a less open area compered to hole or slot perforations, still giving comparable acoustic absorptions. The Gustafs Stripe pattern always
ends with 1 stripe on the very edge of the panel, which will hide the joint between two panels, resulting in a “frameless” and continuous acoustic design.

Type - Gustafs Panel System
Core - Reinforced fibre gypsum board, high density, 1150 kg/m³ (15,7 kg/m²)
Edges - Over veneered solid wooden edges on 4 sides
Edge design - Grooved for use the Capax installation system
Acoustic felt - Black / White

Thickness - 13,2 mm

Dimensions Standard: 600x600 / 1200x600 / 1500x600 / 1800x600 / 2400x600 mm
Customized wall: lengths 300-3000 x widths 300-1200 mm

Reaction to Fire A2-s1,d0 (EN 13501-1)
(Valid for the whole panel, including the installation system, the surface,
the surface treatment and all kinds of post treatments like cutting, milling)

Resistance to Fire K1-10/K2-10 (EN 13501-2)