Ceiling air diffuser

Modular Ceiling Diffuser

Multi-functional and easy to clean ceiling diffuser with different front panel options, packet with plenum.

Available for supply and exhaust
Modular construction with five different, interchangeable front panel options suited for modular 600 x 600, 625x625, 675x675 mm ceilings, providing different appearance and performance characteristic
Diffuser adaptation possibility for changing ventilation rate requirements
Detachable front panel enabling the cleaning of the diffuser and ductwork
Connection to ductwork using integrated balancing plenum with optional duct connection dimensions and plenum heights
Circular duct connection with integral gasket
Balancing plenum with an air flow rate measurement function


Air flow range adapter
Various front panel options
Deflectors for the direction of the flow pattern for models DCS/C and DCS/P
Sound attenuation options


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