wall-mounted sideboard / contemporary / lacquered wood
MISTRAL Hammel Furniture A/S



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    lacquered wood


The flexible and customized bookcase for every room!
The MISTRAL bookcase is developed for you who likes individuality and wants to create your personal and functional bookcase. It is all up to you to create your own arrangement. Only your fantasy is the limit! See overview of items.
MISTRAL is available in 15 lacquered colours and realwood veneers.
MISTRAL was designed 1991 and is still produced at our own plant in Hammel, Denmark.
Did you know that:
MISTRAL is available in 11 lacquered colours and 4 real-wood veneers
softclose is standard on all doors (except fabric doors)
click-on fitting on doors for easy (re)mounting
drawers are with softclose too
a hanging unit is standard on the MISTRAL cabinets
all cabinets are assembled, you only have to mount fronts
MISTRAL has elegant, rounded front edges in solid wood
the sleek MISTRAL handle is designed by Jacob Jacobsen
the cabinets can be hung on the wall, placed on a plinth, or choose between 5 beautiful legs or 2 different castors
a shoe cabinet, a functional bookcase, hangers and a desk are also a part of the MISTRAL range
Please also have a look at MISTRAL AV for home cineme solutions.