metal decorative panel / laminate / wall-mounted / matte
MERAN Hans Schröder GmbH & Co. KG



  • Material:

    metal, laminate

  • Applications:


  • Finish:



MERAN Metal weaves

Color/Wood species: UNI natural 441
UNI steel 446
MIX steel 446 / US maple
MIX steel 446 / beech st.
MIX steel 446 / walnut
MIX steel 446 / wenge

Size (length x width):
2.400 mm x 1.200 mm

Thickness: 9,0 mm (MDF core panel)
3,0 mm (flex version)
Other thickness on request.

Detail: Hand-woven HPL stripes with matt aluminum brushed surface, strip width 27 mm, on MDF core panel, back side silver-colored. The type „MIX“ are combined with clear lacquered real wood stripes.

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