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Scandinavians have been using saunas for centuries, they know that they help them to live longer, in better health and with an improved sense of wellbeing.

When we step into a sauna, the dry heat at high temperatures (anywhere from 80 to100°C) makes us perspire intensely as our pores open to eliminate toxins. It also improves our muscle tone and benefits our cardiovascular system.

The dry heat of a sauna is good for relieving arthritic and rheumatic pains, and it makes out immune system stronger, preventing inflammation, flu and colds.

The sauna itself is made to measure with handcrafted expertise and carefully selected raw materials.

The weight-bearing structure of the sauna is made with treated red fir from the Val di Fiemme, the best quality of wood and highly resistant.

The walls are made using Nordic pine and recall the classic finish, ideal for the most traditional of saunas.