facade woven wire fabric / railing / for walls / for curtain walls



  • Applications:

    for facades, railing, for walls, for curtain walls, for fencing

  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Mesh type:

    square mesh


Weight: appr. 5,9 kg/m² (1,21 lbs/sqft)
Open area: appr. 79%
Main application: Facade, Balustrades

• Due to the strength of the utilized wires and it's type of weave this specification is very stable.

• Mainly used as railing infill.

• Homogenous appearance due to square opening.
• The special weave of this mesh allows the material to be twisted. It can be adjusted to the inclination of the stair.

All architectural meshes are specially manufactured for each individual project. The maximum width of the mesh is 3 m. The length is up to 30 m and can be flexibly adapted to the project.

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