stainless steel ventilated facade / wire mesh / media / integrated LED



  • Material:

    stainless steel, wire mesh

  • Other characteristics:

    media, integrated LED


The transparent media facade IMAGIC WEAVE®, a combination of HAVER Architectural Wire Mesh and state-of-the-art LED technology, enables to create with an infinite number of colors individually programmable lighting effects in up to 16 million colours including full video content.

LED Mesh IMAGIC WEAVE® is available in two different LED technologies making it adaptable to project specific requirements such as colour mixing, angle of radiation and brightness.

IMAGIC WEAVE® HE is a combination of HAVER Architectural Mesh and SMT-LED-profiles with perfect color mixing.

Advantages: broad viewing angles + perfect color mixing

IMAGIC WEAVE® HO is a combination of H&B Architectural Mesh and THT-LED-profiles with excellent high brightness.

Advantages: excellent high brightness + suitable for daylight presentations

The LED profiles are available in standard horizontal pixel pitch of 40 mm, 50 mm or 62.5 mm and are capable of a wide range of resolutions in full colour at various brightness levels. In addition to synchronous distances asynchronous distances are also possible.

The wire mesh elements are custom-made for the specific project. The maximum width of the mesh is 3 metres. The length is unlimited and can be flexibly adapted to the project.

By attaching slim LED-profiles to the reverse side of the wire mesh the homogenous and transparent look of the façade is maintained at all times, even when the LEDs are not in use.

With the Mobile Action Pad application, the entire control system can be operated via smart phone or tablet PC at any time, from any location.