sliding shutter / metal / for facades / custom



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    for facades

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Weight: appr. 5,4 kg/m² (1,11 lbs/sqft)
Open area: appr. 57%
Main applications: Façade, Ceiling, Wall, Balustrade, Sun protection

• The flat surface on one side of the EGLA-TWIN creates a reflection across the full plane.

• Higher open area and therefore more tranparent version of EGLA-TWIN. special optical effects created by the Twin wires running perpendicular to the long slot of the opening.

• In the direction of the thinner twin wires the mesh is relatively flexible and can be easily adjusted to certain radii.

Excellent shading values
Due to its semi-transparent geometry, metal mesh is well suitable for external sun protection. Woven wire mesh provides shade and reduces temperature in the summer, while maintaining warmth and reducing heating costs in the winter.

With a sunlight incident angle of 60° and a double glazing window, most of the used architectural mesh types already effect a reduction of solar energy input between 40% and 70%. In interaction with a sun protection glazing they reach at the same angle of incidence a g-value among 0.1 to 0.18.

All architectural meshes are specially manufactured for each individual project. The maximum width of the mesh is 3 m. The length is up to 30 m and can be flexibly adapted to the project.