steel cycle shelter / with solar panel
Modern E-Bike Charging Station HBT Energietechnik GmbH


  • Specifications:

    steel, with solar panel


This system is perfectly adapted to the booming e-bike and e-roller trend and also provides safe charging for batteries, theft-proof bike protection and also info screens for maps and advertising. Additional functions such as mobile phone charging can be easily added. The addition of beverage vending machines is also possible at any time with the aid of upgrade packages.

The robust and resilient platform comes in 2 versions - TREE and FRAME - for self-assembly without foundation and can be modularly upgraded to a high-tech version. Seats, inductive cell phone charging stations, lockers, vending machines and information touchscreens and settlement systems are just a few examples of existing modules.

24 hours of clean solar power
Modern design suitable for every location
A meeting place where the charging becomes secondary
Simply built up and easily transportable
Integrated solution of hardware and software that is modularly extensible
Intuitive operation
Perfectly matched components