cycle shelter with solar panel
Charging E-Bikes can be Stylish HBT Energietechnik GmbH


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    with solar panel


HBT CHARMAX is a smart, mobile power station for 2-wheelers which supports itself with solar energy and at the same time serves as a meeting point with a wide range of possibilities.
The robust and resilient platform comes in 2 versions - TREE and FRAME - for self-assembly without foundation and can be modularly upgraded to a high-tech version. Seats, inductive cell phone charging stations, lockers, vending machines and information touchscreens and settlement systems are just a few examples of existing modules.

• 24 hours of clean solar power
• Modern design suitable for every location
• A meeting place where the charging becomes secondary
• Simply built up and easily transportable
• Integrated solution of hardware and software that is modularly extensible
• Intuitive operation
• Perfectly matched components


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