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programmable thermostat / digital / room / for radiators



  • Type:

    programmable, digital, room, for radiators

  • Installation:


  • Function:

    for heating

  • Options:



The H4A Wireless Thermostat allows you to automatically control the temperature settings of your Heat4All Infrared Heaters in your living and office spaces. The H4A Wireless Thermostat is a digital wireless thermostat with green LCD backlight. Its biggest advantage is its simple and flexible
installation, no network connection or cable required. The wireless
thermostat can be connected to up to 9 receivers/switching elements.
Advantages of the H4A Wireless Thermostat:
7 weekly programmes, 6 temperature settings per day
Simple and flexible installation – no network connection or cable required
Quick change of temperature settings
Information on operating hours / childproofing option / button lock
Different programming for different days possible
(Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun and Mon-Sun)
Frost protection (3° C), low-battery alarm
Range up to 35m