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By combining experience, modern technologies, skilled handwork and top-quality natural materials we have created Heavens mattresses.

Ergonomics of the mattress is ensured by a covering of pocket springs of 8 winds. Each spring is placed in a separate compartment, thereby distributing the load of the mattress evenly. The springs are thickly covered with layers of natural wool.
The upper layer of the mattress is made of specially designed fabric of natural fibres manufactured in Belgium, exclusively for Heavens. The surface of the mattress is decorated by tens of cotton fibre tassels; they decoratvie, but also functional, as they connect the layers and casing of the mattress.

Hand work is an integral part of making a mattress. One of the most complicated stages is making side seams that give Concord mattresses elegance, as well as ensure that the shape of the mattress is maintained for a long time.

Heavens mattress is proof that it is possible to create an excellent mattress without glue and foam materials.

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