perforated sheet metal / expanded / aluminum / facade



  • Type:

    perforated, expanded

  • Material:


  • Applications:


  • Options:

    with long perforations


Metal cladding design and installation is a complex process requiring the best engineers and technicians to successfully complete the project. Hendrick Architectural Products team consists of experienced, highly-skilled professionals who have long been creatively developing architectural cladding solutions for both indoor and outdoor structures. When you get in touch with Hendrick, we can develop cutting edge solutions in perforated metal or profile wire that meet your individual needs.

Hendrick has worked on cladding projects requiring an array of materials and unique solutions for the interior and exterior of buildings. With your design plans as a blueprint, we can fabricate a variety of materials to your exact specifications. Hendrick works with architects to determine the best perforated material for achieving their design objectives. If need be, our team can fabricate panels customized precisely according to size, gauge, and thickness.

We realize that metal cladding must be as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as it is functional. Our professional team of designers has decades of combined experience working with a vast array of perforated metal patterns and profile wire metals to meet our customers high expectations. During every stage of our process, your satisfaction as our customer is our foremost consideration.