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Hendrick Architectural Products are fabricated with the highest degree of precision and skill. Our team of engineers, designers, and technicians strives to be on the cutting edge of industry technology, and our custom laser metal panels are one reason Hendrick is held in high regard for laser cut metal design and fabrication.

All of Hendricks premium custom metal panels are manufactured according to the specific requirements and goals of our customers. Our use of sophisticated laser technology allows our fabricators to produce a high-quality product with the consistency and reliability that our customers have come to expect.

Hendricks engineers have strong relationships with the industrys leading metal suppliers, which allow us to offer our customers an array of metals in order to suit any function, including stainless steel, aluminum, cold rolled steel, and others. Each of Hendricks engineers has the experience and knowledge to select the appropriate material for your custom metal laser panels. When architects come to us with their design, our laser technology gives us the capacity to customize all aspects of metal panels. The flexibility we have when laser cutting metal panels allows designers to see their architectural aspirations brought to fruition.