infrared heater control module / IP / wall-mounted / indoor
e-control flex HEYLO GmbH



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    for infrared heaters

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    home, commercial


Remote monitoring

e-control flex is a flexible data and process management system to control and manage mobile heating systems and/or warm air heaters. The operating data and error messages of the heating system are determined by hardware and are sent by means of a mobile data network (mobile telephony network). The process data resulting are fed into a web portal which represents the operating data of the warm air heaters on a web page.

Thus, the system consists of a piece of hardware for the transmission of process data (signal box and modem) and an Internet application for the management of data. Optional sensors are available for monitoring the oil level in tanks or temperatures.

HARDWARE: Integration in existing and new systems

The installation of e-control flex is easy. The installation of the modem is carried outside on the housing - it is dust and water tight. The signal box is fitted in the combustion space or the switch box by top-hat rail. Five cable conductors connect the signal box to the burner, ventilator and STB. HEYLO warm air heaters as well as comparable third-party units can be fitted with HEYLO e-control flex.

SOFTWARE: Call-off information and reporting

e-control flex offers the possibility of administering mobile heating systems in groups (operating hours, service intervals, location). On account of the display of the units with the respective geodata, device fleets can be monitored during operation. The system records operating times and unpermitted movement of the devices, and allows planning of follow-up application in a perfect manner.