thermostatic shower column / self-closing / electronic / with hand shower
CONTEC 3: COMFORT-F VA SERIES HighTech Design Products AG



  • Type:

    thermostatic, self-closing, electronic

  • Options:

    with hand shower


Shower panel CONTEC 3, COMFORT-F, DN15, piezo switches

Electronic shower unit with self-closing function and thermostatic mixer with anti-scalding protection, integral fresh water module, cover made from stainless steel, for wall mounting, with demand-dependent and adjustable hygienic rinse, for surface connection to cold water as well as heating water flow and return

Bestehend aus:
· Fixed shower head or hand held shower
· CONTEC 3, programmable controller, with connection cables and connector plug
· Piezo pushbutton, coloured ring red, High-gloss collar
· Faucet body: made from dezincification resistant pressed brass, as high grade thermostatic mixer faucet, with safety end-stop, choice of temperature corridor, integral solenoid valve and non-return valves/sieve cartridges, all working parts removable without dismantling the faucet body during service
· Fresh water module (plate heat exchanger) with a proportional controller with DVGW certification DW-0906AT2102, with carbon coating, ceramic bearings
· Cover made from stainless steel, 1.4301, brushed finish, 1400 x 220 x 80 mm (HxWxD), with double-sided 90° maintenance position of the entire shower panel for service as part of regular maintenance, with fasteners
· Connection kit made from inoflex corrugated stainless steel (1.4404 ) pipe or flexible connection pipes (inner tube material certified to DVGW W 543 and W 270 and KTW A, outer braided stainless steel) and line stop valves