sensor toilet flush / for urinals
IQ: 201.000.01/201.010.01/201.016.01 HighTech Design Products AG



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    for urinals


IQ urinal flush valve U28, IR-sensor, stainless-steel

Touch-free, electronically controlled urinal fush valve for concealed installation:
· sturdy front plate made of brushed stainless-steel
· double infrared sensors (with automatic setting feature!), microprocessor-electronic
· reliable solenoid valve (minimal level of water pressure surge)
· dynamic sensor: constantly adjusts the optimum range
· temporary-off (cleaning) and short-on (manual flush) activatable with Touch
· rinse time and sensor sensitivity adjustable with Touch
· 24- or 48-hour hygienic rinse and pre-rinse activatable with Touch
· variable installation in combination with pre-installation sets (U2L, U3L) - not included