floor-standing lamp / original design / aluminum / acrylic



  • Type:


  • Style:

    original design

  • Material:

    aluminum, acrylic

  • Other characteristics:

    sculpture, LED

  • Color:



Idea for the lighting fixture came unexpectedly. One night Niskanen was walking with his dog and suddenly he noticed Loop obstacle from the mini golf track coming out from the snow. He had walked several times by the mini golf track but this time he saw the obstacle for new eyes and the basic form of the Loop-lamp was born. Loop-table lamp has an aluminium body and opal acrylic diffuser. Led-lightsource is placed as an shape of the arch to the upper side of the inner surface of the circle. Lamp can be controlled by touch dimmer at the body of the lamp.

Loop Giant is a light sculpture with an aluminum body. Its LED light source is placed to the inner surface of the lamp as a shape of an arch, under an acrylic diffuser. The light fixture will be produced from demand. Dimensions 1,8m x1,8m x 0,3m.