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The High Efficiency Air Cooled Cooling Only Chillers RCME AH are available in a wide range, from 40HP to 480HP (106 to 1280 kW).

• Modular concept for flexible installations
• New 4-blade fan design with inverter control achieves reduced input power at partial load
• Low noise and super low noise models available
• New U-shape heat exchanger with enhanced aluminium fins for 20% more exchange surface
• 2 plate heat exchangers deliver improved refrigerant distribution and greater efficiency
• Electronic expansion valve with PID control
• New twin screw compressor optimised for R134a with continuous capacity control
• Intelligent control system for optimum SEER even at partial load
• LCD touch screen panel

Due to the meticulous design of each and every component, it is possible to achieve exceptionally high cooling capacity values per square meter installed