commercial heat recovery unit / for offices



  • Sector:


  • Applications:

    for offices

  • Air flow:

    Min.: 250 m³/h (8,828.7 ft³/h)

    Max.: 2,000 m³/h (70,629.3 ft³/h)


KPI Energy recovery uses Celluloid heat exchanger to transfer temperature and humidity. This product is suitable for environments where the air contained an important amount of humidity.

The airflows vary from 250 to 2,000 m3/h. This product is suitable for offices areas due to low noise levels.

This product has a high efficient exchanger which incorporates fresh air supply for indoor environments, an energy recovery up to 78%. As a result, the cooling/heating load can be reduced by up to 20%.

All the products have an easy maintenance due to simple, efficient design which gives a direct access to the products components.

Option such as Hard wired remote controller which will control the system for up to 7 days are available. Finally, these products can be associated "H-Link II Control" and "CS Net Web".