steam shower cubicle / glass / curved / with hinged door
SENSEPERIENCE: 433211B by Radek Kurzyp HOESCH



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  • Door:

    with hinged door

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The clue is in the name: SensePerience brings you a whole new experience for all your senses. Let this feel-good experience work its magic on you. Just take a seat on the stylish but comfortable black stool and close your eyes. With the warm steam rising around you, gentle music coming from the built-in speakers and the fascinating play of light dancing around you from the light system in the glass roof, it’s really easy to relax. A lovely shower of warm water from the rainfall shower head and six adjustable back jets round off your sensory experience in the SensePerience. Exclusive steam showering, with no compromises.

Length: 980 mm
Width: 980 mm
Height: 2150 mm
Steam-generator power:3,3kW