wooden bathtub / acrylic / double / hydromassage
SINGLEBATH: 3688 by code2design HOESCH



  • Material:

    wooden, acrylic

  • Options:

    double, hydromassage

  • Length:

    Min.: 1,766 mm

    Max.: 1,766 mm

  • Width:

    Min.: 1,141 mm

    Max.: 1,141 mm


Owing to over standard Internal dimensions and extraordinary shape Duo tub is an excellent bathing place even for two persons. Various arrangement possibilites are as intriguing as its design. SingleBath Duo is available with modern platform and in free standing version with nice-looking decorative blind with genuine wood (walnut or makassar) or slate veneer.

Length: 1766mm
Width: 1141mm
Internal length: 1676mm
Internal width: 1051mm
Depth: 440mm
Installation height-bathtub: 580-645mm
Installation height-whirltub:610-650mm
Bathtub capacity: 265l

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