aluminum railing / glass panel / with bars / outdoor
ARIANE Horizal



  • Material:


  • Configuration:

    glass panel, with bars

  • Location:


  • Applications:

    for stairs, for balconies


How can you not enjoy looking at the interacting of lines and the swinging of curves?
Ariane promises this. Here technique is set aside to let shapes speak out.

. Ariane, a totally tubular guardrail, with the flexibility and elegance of the greatest. Nothing can stop it. Docile thanks to its design and a source of inspiration thanks to its latest design, ARIANE adapts itself to all requirements, leaving the field open to imagination

. ARIANE is the freedom of expression.
No unhooking, no extra thickness, and no visible fasteners. Handrails and intermediate rails are in the vertical plane. The shape is pure.

. ARIANE fits into all architecture configurations .
A tailored bending in the factory, the ARIANE guardrail merges perfectly into imposed curves. With or without a low wall, ARIANE fits in, playing with irregularities or small masonry imperfections, fastening to within a millimeter thanks to its specific, three-dimensionally adjustable base .

. ARIANE is a game of colors .
Wheter lacquered or anodized, the ARIANE guardrail blends perfectly into all exterior as well as interior architectures.

. ARIANE is a game of filler panels.
ARIANE is a guardrail with multiple facets :

. filling in with sheet metal, featuring many perforation patterns, and easy to bend,
. filling in with resin panels,
. filling in with silk-screen glass panels, ...
ARIANE is also "versatile" when it comes to spotlighting a facade, or showcasing an interior environment.