aluminum window profile / waterproof / thermally-insulated / with integrated Venetian blinds
LAMBDA 100 Hueck System GmbH & Co. KG



  • Material:


  • Technical characteristics:

    thermally-insulated, with integrated Venetian blinds, waterproof


Composite window, 100 mm profile depth, interior sun protection


Composite window with inside sun protection

Three-chamber profiles, factory installed thermally insulated composite

Leaf weight max. 160 kg visible, max. 170 kg concealed

Glass thickness inside 24-32 mm, outside 4-8 mm

Elevation width

Narrow elevation width of fixed/sash frame combination from 78 mm

Profile depth

Fixed frame: 100 mm

Sash frame: 111 mm

Insulation zone

Factory installed thermally insulating composite

Optional insulating insert strips for all profile geometries

Variable additional measures for different thermal insulation demands


Centre seal gasket: High-insulating centre seal gasket for special U value requirements, both with vulcanised corners or as a vulcanised frame

Glazing/rebate gaskets: narrow elevations on inside and outside, gaskets can be drawn in continuously, if required additional insulation wedge at the glazing bead

All gaskets coated with sliding polymer, suitable for self-cleaning glazing