tilt-and-turn hinge / aluminum / concealed
GEN 4.0 Hueck



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Time is money - The quicker and easier it is to use, the better and more economical it is for the window producer. With the innovative turn/tilt ftting for the Lambda window series with Euro Nut this HUECK principle has been logically thought through to the very end.

for HUECK Lambda window systems with Euro Nut
for side/hung, bottom hung and turn/tilt windows
with unconcealed and concealed horizontal
hinge side
innovative operating rod concept with six lengths
coupling via gear rack
tested in accordance with EN 13126-8, EN 1191 as well as EN1627-1630 RC3 (burglar resistance)
Thanks to an entirely new concept, with a HUECK fitting only a few components with a reduced number of screwing points need to be handled. At the same time with its concealed execution the fitting itself is unmatched in its ease of assembly. Among other things the operating rod can be inserted without needing to use the sash profile.
An innovative operating rod concept with clippable system lengths for different window sizes replaces the existing standard operating rods. As a result the need to carry out related cutting and punching work is eliminated.
With the new adaptable operating rods off cut no longer occurs. With the locking gear concept, in addition to the exclusive HUECK window handles, all commercially available window handles with 7 mm square and 43 mm screw distance can be used.