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Folding partition / laminate / professional


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Accordion doors are the fastest, easiest way to divide space. You simply pull the door across the opening and latch in position. Accordions are a great choice when you need to divide your space frequently.

Hufcor accordion doors are made in the USA in nearly the same hand assembled process developed in the 1950's. Also known as accordian doors, folding room dividers, accordion walls and concertina doors, these single piece doors are the fastest and most economical way to organize space and insulate against distracting noises. Hufcor accordion doors are the most coveted accordions in the industry because they are built to last.

Accordion doors are suspended from an overhead track and provide instant space division whenever it's needed. To close the opening, just grab the handle on the lead post, walk the door across the opening, and latch in the jamb receiver.

Hufcor accordion doors are custom manufactured to fit your opening in both non-acoustical sight dividers and higher acoustical models. The maximum heights of an accordion door is recommended not to exceed 12' [3658].


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