garden fence / for public spaces / for green spaces / with bars



  • Applications:

    garden, for public spaces, for green spaces

  • Configuration:

    with bars

  • Material:



The new “Jardin Du Luxembourg 2” fences have been designed with three objectives in mind: safety - functionality - aesthetics.
+ Ideas: multi-directional assembly system*
HUSSON adapts its fences to all types of grounds and play areas, and can install fences in a straight line, curved, on a slope, etc.
+ Design: the “Jardin du Luxembourg 2” fences have been designed to harmoniously blend with landscaped areas, parks, playgrounds, cycle paths, jointly-owned properties, etc.
+ Safety: to protect children inside a playground, to prevent animals from entering play areas, to mark off parks and gardens, etc.
+ Technical features:
Arched post made with hot-dip galvanised powder coated steel tubing.
 The panels are 33.7 mm-diameter horizontal tubes with drawn steel reinforcing bars. These panels have received double surface treatment: hot-dip galvanisation and powder coating.
 The structure is assembled with the HUSSON multi-directional* system and special vandal-resistant stainless steel bolts