wood heating stove / contemporary / metal / soapstone
3530 by Anders C. Fasterholdt HWAM Intelligent Heat AS



  • Power source:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    metal, soapstone, sandstone

  • Heat output:

    4,500 W (15,354.63 BTU/h)


Like a beautiful sculpture in your living room. The combination of glass and stone creates an exclusive expression in this wood-burning stove...
HWAM 3530m is an impressive column in the living room that displays the fascinating flames in the most attractive way. At the top of the wood-burning stove there is a spacious heat storage compartment with room for stone to further increase heat storage capacity.

HWAM 3530c - classic side hinged door
HWAM 3530m - modern side hinged door
HWAM 3530c - with soapstone or sandstone cover
HWAM 3530c - with soapstone or sandstone cover

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