contemporary kitchen / concrete / steel / L-shaped



  • Style:


  • Material...:

    concrete, steel

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    with handles, handleless


Hydrodiseño completes its range of products with the performance of PREFABRICATED KITCHEN, in concrete or steel structure. This is the response to growth in the installation of prefabricated modules in residential construction due to the significant advantages of this method of construction.

The advantages, technical features and decorative variations of prefabricated kitchen modules made by Hydrodiseño are similar to the prefabricated bathrooms offering:

They are custom made according to the project taking into the account the necessities and requirements of each client.
They will be delivered with all electrical, water and ventilation installations.
If the customer wishes, delivery of the kitchen can be made with complete technical equipment, components and furniture according to the project and Quality Report presented.

The application fields of a product such as the prefabricated kitchen are remarkably various and include hostels, student accommodation and housing flat.

All this in complete compliance with the project’s territorial building regulations and in complete compliance, as far as pod typologies with respect to disabled criteria.

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