contemporary dining table / tempered glass / metal / melamine
MESH by Mauro Lipparini I 4 Mariani



  • Style:


  • Material:

    tempered glass, metal, melamine, marble, leather

  • Shape:

    rectangular, round


The name and the shape are its generator formula. Faceted surfaces meet together, forming the variable sections geometry of the legs; every leg is independent and the top is the union element through an anchor plate. The legs are made by a metal box-shape and can be covered in wood, saddle leather and lacquered or made by stainless steel hand-polished.


The top of the table is available in 4 different materials and finishing: clear tempered glass 15 mm. thickness; Marron Emperador marble 20 mm. thickness laying on a varnished metal sheet; particleboard panel veneered with Brazilian Ironwood (Caesalpinia Ferrea); black melamine coated panel covered in saddle leather. Under the top are fixed some stainless steel plates which will be fixed to the legs. Legs are made with 3 mm. thickness steel sheet elements welded togheter and have 4 different options: varnished, covered in saddle leather, veneered with Brazilian Ironwood (Caesalpinia Ferrea) and in stainless steel polished.

Round tables are available with 3 or 4 legs located in the center or in the external border of the table top.