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IP66 floodlight / LED / outdoor / adjustable
LINGOTTO by Renzo Piano iGuzzini



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LED direct light luminaire.
The fixture is installed into the ground or wall-mounted.
Lingotto has an optical assembly, a control gear box (for models with discharge lamps) and an arm.
Optical assembly and aluminium glass-holding frame; sodiumcalcium tempered sealing glass; steel retention cable, diameter of 1.6 mm, plastic coated; 50 Shore silicone coated black gasket; parabolic refl ector made of aluminium sheet with a high-bright natural fi nish.
Graduated scale and mechanical aiming lock.
Pull-out aluminium control gear plate, subjected to a pre-anodizing and degreasing treatment; power supply with a non-explosive power factor correction capacitor, ballast, starter and quick-fi tting terminals.
The light fl ow emitted in the system's upper hemisphere in the horizontal position is null.
All screws are A2 stainless steel.