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solid parquet floor / glued / larch / chestnut
RUSTIC Il Praticato Tiberino



  • Type:


  • Installation:


  • Material:

    larch, chestnut

  • Finish:

    aged, waxed, stained


Each floor is unique, is space, is harmony – the pleasure of living at home.

We apply our experience to each and every dwelling, for which we study original, elegant, natural solutions, creating each individual environment with passion and commitment.

Living, breathing wood, with all its natural properties, in order to ensure wellbeing in any living area, and not renounce to the traditional features of wooden flooring.
We use a single plank of pure, noble timber for our flooring, and neither glues nor additives, we process top quality woods only: speckled chestnut, rustic, natural, durmast, larch, cherry, elm, beech, ash etc …
All timber planks are processed by hand, and differ, one from the other, due to their veining and knots, characteristics which draw attention to their shape, warmth and beauty.

Each timber plank is different and unique, and sizes vary in width from 9 to 18cm, in length from 50 to 200cm, and in thickness from 14 to 22mm of pure noble wood, according to the customer’s choice. The finishing techniques, painstakingly carried out by hand with the utmost care using wax and natural oils, vary depending on the specific environment in which the floor is to be laid.
The wood is finger-jointed on two sides, and can be tapped on 4 sides on request.