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prefab building / wooden / for public use / energy-efficient
ILLE Case in legno



  • Type:


  • Material:


  • Market:

    for public use

  • Other characteristics:

    energy-efficient, contemporary


ILLE implements any type of wooden buildings with high energetic performance in both public and administrative sector.
Over the years ILLE has built exhibition centers, conference rooms, congress halls, town halls, schools, religious buildings and social housing projects.
The advantages of a wooden building enable especially in the public sector to create a cozy and comfortable spaces while significantly reducing production and implementation timeframe.If properly designed, with high performance energetic classes, those buildings guarantee savings in operating costs and maintenance.
ILLE has a considerable experience in direct/consortium management for large interventions tenders ensuring in both production and implementing phases high quality and performance standards.
Why building public wooden buildings with ILLE
Rapid implementation.
Project customization according to your requirements and needs.
Only certified wood and biocompatible materials are used.
Low house operational costs.
High standards for seismic safety.
Lifetime house structure warranty.
energetic building certification as per client requirements