retarder proofer
ELITE : 60x40 Ilsa

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retarder proofer retarder proofer - ELITE : 60x40


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The range consists of four models, with temperature range from -2°/+35° C and -18°/+35° C for the one door model, -8°/+35° C for the two doors model and for the horizontal model.

Ilsa controlled proving cabinets work with three main phases: the temperature blocking system, the conservation, the rising.

The insulation thicknes is of 6 cm for cabinets and of 5 cm for the horizontal models; they are built for containing from 8 to 50 pans. The cycle can be manual or automatic, with the chance of managing also the after rising phase.

The models are equipped with humidity-control system, with a range of 65%-95%.