polyurethane mat



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100% polyurethane unibody construction means the EcoLast Economy™ will never delaminate, curl, or lose its buoyancy
Half the cost of other 100% polyurethane unibody mats
100% recyclable and no plasticizers make this mat environmentally friendly
Lightweight (only 5 lbs) yet stays in place, doesn’t slip around on you like foam mats do
Features a five-year full performance warranty, and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

This Standing Mat Doesn’t Compromise Quality—or Your Budget

When it comes to making standing mats, polyurethane is the gold standard. Standing mats made from 100% polyurethane never curl, delaminate, or lose their buoyancy – and will keep you comfortably standing for hours at a time. But polyurethane is an expensive material, and some of us don’t have a pile of gold just lying around. Made right here in America, iMovR’s EcoLast Economy™ Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat offers all of the benefits of unibody polyurethane construction—at half the cost of other mats made from the same material.