pendant lamp / contemporary / steel / in Nebulite®
LUNA in-es artdesign



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    steel, in Nebulite®

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Luna (moon) collection is inspired by the moon’s mysteries. it is constructed of Nebulite, a specially developed material made of resins and fibers, that mimics the uneven, softly luminescent qualities of the moon’s surface.

Ceiling cup dimension: Ø 12 cm x 4,5 cm
Materials: laprene, steel, nebulite
Outer colors: white

Luna 18:
Canopy dimension: Ø 18 cm
Bulb: E14 (max 8w CFL) rec.LED 5w

Luna 25:
Canopy dimension: Ø 25 cm
Bulb: E14 (max 42w hal-eco) rec.LED 6w

Luna 1:
Canopy dimension: Ø 35 cm
Bulb: E27 (max 52w hal-eco) rec.LED 13w

Luna 2:
Canopy dimension: Ø 50 cm
Bulb: E27 (max 70w hal-eco) rec.LED 13w

Luna 3:
Canopy dimension: Ø 70 cm
Bulb: E27 (max 105w hal-eco) rec.CFL 33w

Luna 4:
Canopy dimension: Ø 120 cm
Bulb: E27 (max 105w hal-eco) rec.CFL 33w

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